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Are you planning to get travel insurance and is completely confused of which one to choose?
Compare the quotes on most of our popular plans and you will be able to see that you have got the most comprehensive package of travel insurance.

Make your traveling experience safe and secure! Get travel insurance from us and enjoy your holidays. You should not forget that provincial health insurance plans differ by province. Therefore, investigate travel insurance of other province or allow us to help you well in advance. Moreover, if you are traveling outside Canada, then this policy does not provide comprehensive coverage. This covers just a portion of healthcare expenses outside Canada and is limited to certain problems.
A perfect family vacation is planned and you have to travel outside Canada!! Confused what to do?
Do not worry we are always there for you. When you plan to travel outside Canada, travel insurance is greatly essential as you may suffer any medical problem and may have huge medical bill to pay. Come to us to get travel insurance. We help you by providing comprehensive protection for you as well as your family.
We safeguard you against unexpected costs that may arise due to a medical crisis and also offer a host of reasonable and flexible insurance plans that are sure to help you during any health disaster. In addition, we provide a variety of other travel insurance policies, which include extended stay coverage, multi-trip plan, and tailor-made protection plan.
For any clarification or purchasing the policy, you can get in touch with us right away!!