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About us

Cascade Insurance Agencies was incorporated in 1977. Owner and founder Gary Puri started the agency under Puri Insurance Agencies. We have always been locally owned and operated. Our policy holders are always very important for us, not as customers, but as people as well. We at Cascade Insurance Agencies provide our customers with various insurance services, particularly ranging within the genre of home, car, health, life, Mortgage Life Insurance with outstanding service and support all 7 days. With us you will be able to find the right coverage for you!!
You always have the option of browsing any information about our range of services and select the best among them for you. Cascade Insurance continues to build on almost 37 years of growth and we continue a tradition of offering quality products and exemplary service.

  • Our Insurance Service Promise
  • We respect all people dealing with them the way we would want to be dealt with, knowing ourselves, understanding and listening to others.
  • We are committed to honesty and high ethical standards ensuring we always put fine service ahead.
  • Through a process of continuous improvement we will exceed customer expectations by maximizing value at every opportunity.
  • It will be a pleasure to work at and do business with Cascade Insurance
The extensive range of services that we offer, are all designed for our range of customers. Make sure that you are always exploring the right insurance for you. Our team will always be there with you for the purpose of making you embrace safety on the side.